DCL’s third and fourth section, the USA Proptown game, begins this weekend! Players and Tournament Schedule

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The first Virtual Drone Champions League “VIRTUAL DRONE GRAND PRIX” (“VIRTUAL DCL”) of the year took place on July 18 and 19, 2020 at the Liechtenstein Badutz with the opening round (sections 1 and 2).
RAIDEN finished 5th in the first section and 4th in the second section in a hard-fought battle, and are in 4th place in the 2020 season ranking with 230 team points.


Scenes from the first and second games against Liechtenstein Badutz


◆Finally, the U.S. Proptown match, to be held on Saturday and Sunday, August 8 and 9, begins!

It’s going live worldwide on Twitch!

Twitch live broadcast information 

Click here for detailed times and broadcast URL

◆Proptown Fight, RAIDEN Players
Five roster pilots from RAIDEN have been selected to compete!

“Saqoosha” (41),Team Captain “Bear Hat”, Japan

Oldest pilot to play an active role in the team since its inception in 2018. Second place in the Japan Drone League for the year. a dependable bear hat who has been the team captain for RAIDEN since 2019 and leads the team.


“Thunder_FPV” (15),The Prodigy of Ibiza, Spain

A genius pilot from the beautiful isolated island of Ibiza in southern Spain. He won five of the six tournaments of the 2019 season in the IBERIAN DRONE LEAGUE, the Spanish League. The current Spanish national team.


“Longcat” (28), Nordic God of Destruction,Sweden

The Norse God of Destruction who destroys all drone races. With his majestic beard, he shows the ultimate in speed. He has represented Sweden in many world competitions and has achieved many results. He is the current representative of Sweden.


“Kosta FPV” (14), Helmeth – Guardian God, Germany

Only 14 years of age German pilot, he is a very calm and precise flyer in very technical courses.
As well as his flying dependent on his reliable skills, his massive, heavy tenor voice which is difficult to imagine from his appearance is his charm.
RAIDEN selected him for the second pick in the second draft selection.

“Manny H!mself” (32), The Sorcerer of the Sky, USA


The DRL, the largest drone racing league in the U.S., held in April of this year, is the world’s fourth-ranked sky wizard in the DRL sim tryouts. He brings his active character and honed drone piloting skills to the team.


In the 3rd and 4th edition of the DCL, against US Prop Town, RAIDEN will be fighting with these 5 players and the team as one.
Thank you for your support.

Click here for all the RESULTS of the opening games (Section 1 and 2)

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